Welcome to Highland Meadows Lawns & Gardens


Welcome to Highland Meadows Lawns & Gardens Blog.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be posting garden tips based on our experience caring for our client’s landscaped gardens. We will post photos of interesting plants, plant fact sheets, helpful videos, examples of pests and diseases, plant nutritional deficiency examples and the fixes for them, how to select, plant and care for trees in the garden, and gardening articles by us based on our own experience and research. Also, we will also feature our own journey showing the evolution of our garden.

We want to cover all types of gardening from recycled materials for low-cost garden beds, to installing a raised bed following the best most appropriate & cost-effective best practices. We will look at soil and the important foundation it plays in your garden, how to identify what you have and how it can be improved.

Coming soon: How to identify & select a new tree, site the tree in your landscape, plant out and care for a new tree in your Garden, from young stock in 200mm pots to advanced trees following best practices.

Tim & Andonella


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